Golf Course 
The Sunny Brook area is full of recreation possibilities.  Just 2 miles away sit an 18 hole championship golf course.  Voted one of the best in the area, Hidden Cove is sure to provide golf enthusiasts with a challenging day on the course, not to mention an enjoyable day of beautiful scenery.  This $5.8 million course encircles scenic Grayson Lake on rolling terrain in Eastern Kentucky, and was named one of the "2004 Best New Affordable Courses" by "Golf Digest" magazine.   
Grayson Lake 
Grayson Lake offers other wonderful possibilities other than golf as well.  Just down the road is the Bruin boat ramp that provides access to one of the best fishing in Eastern Kentucky.  Largemouth bass, catfish, and crappie are abundant in the clear waters of Grayson Lake.  Each year thousands of fisherman come to fish along it's stone cliff walls and silent coves.  Water skiing and inner tubing are also favorites pastimes of lake-goers.  The Bruin beach, picnic area and playgrounds..
Laurel Gorge  
Finally, the area is also home to one of the most popular gorges in Kentucky.  Laurel Gorge is one of the most unique habitats in Kentucky and contain one of few streams where anglers can cast for Brown Rainbow Trout.  It is also home to the Laurel Gorge Cultural Heritage Center, highlighting the unique history and culture of our region.   
Sunny Brook Sunset
Also the Sunny Brook Cabins area can offer you a wonderful view of a great sunset view.   
Sunny Brook Cabins Grayson, Kentucky Telephone: (606)-738-4735 or (606)-465-5880 1-800-596-6240
Fun and Recreation at Sunny Brook............
1 1/2 miles of the Bruin boat ramp, picnic area, playground and beach 2 miles from Hidden Cove Golf Course 9 miles from the Laurel Gorge
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